Welcome to our Science page. Here you will find science news and events from school, information about competitions and links to cool science activities to try at home. We will also update you on any amazing scientific discoveries form the news.


Every term we will be holding a Science competition. The details will be posted in Pupil Zone and also given in assembly. 

Summer Term Competition: The competition this term is to have a think... How does Mrs Pugh's cow work?

Mrs Pugh introduced the cow in assembly but we're not sure how it works. You need to draw, write or even try to make the cow to explain how it works. Each entry will receive a science prize!

Entries must be handed to Mrs Fletcher or Mrs Pugh by Friday 25th May . Winners will be announced in assembly and posted on this page.

Mrs Pugh and Mrs Fletcher Visit CERN

During the Easter holidays we went to CERN in Geneva to learn about what the scientists and engineers do there. We had a fantastic time and learnt loads. We will be doing an assembly and some activities with you soon to explain more about what they are trying to find out.

If you would like to see what we got up to then visit our blog: and leave us a comment.

You can also visits the CERN kids website:

Here are some pictures we took while we were there:

Image result for newsIN THE NEWSImage result for news

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