With more and more children using computers, and especially the internet, on a daily basis, it is important that they know how to stay safe online. All children are taught the importance of staying safe online throughout our Computing curriculum. Hilderthorpe Primary School invited parents into E-safety lessons and Workshops from Reception - Year 6 in the Spring and Summer terms.


Useful Guides for Parents

Internet Safety for Parents

Parents guide to Instagram

Parents guide to Snapchat

Parents guide : Music, Film, TV and the Internet

Parental settings - Nintendo

Parental settings - Playstation

Parental settings - iPad

Parental settings - Xbox


 Useful Websites/Videos for Parents

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The NSPCC website is an excellent resource for parents. It contains information on how to keep children safe online and also contains a number of videos to use with your children, to show them the importance of staying safe online. One video has been posted above.

Useful Websites/Videos for Children

The links below are designed for use by children...