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SCHOOL UNIFORM UPDATES - please read the information given to us by K&A sales the uniform shop in Bridlington. There is important information in this letter re purchasing uniform and adhering to social distancing rules. 

School Admissions

Our school's current admission arrangements follow the LEA guidelines. Prospective parents are always welcome to visit the school by prior appointment and there will be specific open days that will be advertised locally.

Parents are encouraged to use the online admissions facility which is now available.





Children can enter the foundation unit the term after their third birthday when we offer a part-time place.

We try to meet parents request for places because of other childcare arrangements. The unit operates a 39 full time place equivalent.

We have two foundation units, they work in collaboration with each other, planning, assessing and sharing teaching space and resources. The staffing ration at the moment is 1 to 12. Children are placed in the same setting as those foundation children who attend full time.

Children are invited for a visit with their parents the term prior to them starting.


From the September in the year of the child's fifth birthday the child attends full-time in the same foundation setting. This provides for the continuity of learning.

For more information, including a welcome letter from Mrs Hall and a special 'Welcome to EYFS!' video, please click below!


Children transfer to a class within Key Stage 1 at the end of the Foundation Stage. This is a smooth transition for the children as they know the staff, and as we work as a whole school, they are involved in many mainstream activities.

At the moment key stage 1 is arranged into two Year 1 classes and two Year 2 classes, providing class sizes of approximately 25. The children have access to whole class teaching, small group work and individual work. They are supported in their learning by teachers, teaching assistants and initial teacher training students. We also encourage parental help.


Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2 have three classes. One Year 3 class and two Year 4 classes. Upper Key Stage 2 have two Year 5 classes and two Year 6 classes.

Key Stage Leaders support all year groups.


More Information

Information packs are available

Induction meetings are held prior to entry.

On entry into school, parents are requested to show a birth certificate and complete appropriate forms and documentation.

Information on attainment and achievement is available to parents informally, through parent consultations and with an end of year report.

All admissions are in line and adhere to the Local Education Authorities admissions policy.

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