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What is IIP?

In September 2015 we introduced Investors in Pupils (IIP) at Hilderthorpe School. IIP is an award given to schools that show a commitment to giving the pupils a voice, allowing them to contribute towards the day to day and overall running of school. Empowering pupils to make choices, gain responsibility and enjoy rewards that they have chosen. Investors in Pupils covers five different areas of school life;

  1. Classroom management including Finance
  2. Learning
  3. Behaviour
  4. Attendance
  5. Induction

Since starting IIP, we have seen a positive impact on the pupils. They are playing a huge part in how their school works and now add their thoughts to important decisions.


What do we do at Hilderthorpe for IIP?




Class target and reward (Classroom management & Behaviour)

Pupils have improved at working together as a team to accomplish a target that they think is important. EG Bringing PE kits every week.

Class Jobs (Classroom management)

Pupils show more responsibility and respect for their individual classes and the school as a whole.

School Council (Behaviour and Induction)

Play a larger part in representing the pupil’s voice, and use it to make decisions for fellow pupils. Pupils now show visitors around school.

School Bank (Finance) / Budgeting

Pupils now value saving money for a purpose.

Pupils have an understanding of how much money their school needs to function.

Induction Booklet (Induction)

Gives new pupils an insight into Hilderthorpe from a child’s perspective.

One Page Profiles / Aspirational Targets (Learning and Classroom Management)

Greater emphasis on looking at pupils as individuals and not just academically. Focus on pupils long term goals EG When I grow up I want to be…)

Language of learning (Learning)

Pupils are aware of the learning that extends beyond their own lessons. They have greater enthusiasm for learning for self-development.

Vision Statement

Pupils decide on what is important for their class and work together to strive for positive attributes.



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