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Hilderthorpe Primary School are pleased to announce we have achieved the Investors in Pupils Award!                                        

Here is the official report and letter to pupils confirming the award of Investors In Pupils to Hilderthorpe Primary School!

Hilderthorpe Primary School Reassessment Report

Hilderthorpe Primary School Reassessment Pupil Letter

What is Investors in Pupils? 

The Investors in Pupils programme is an established national quality mark to recognise, develop and extend pupil/student voice and participation strategies in schools and educational settings building young people’s life skills, character and resilience. Supporting personalised learning, the programme fosters healthy relations; pupil to pupil and pupil to adults, leading to greater pupil responsibility over their own learning and behaviour and providing a powerful tool for developing a positive whole-school team ethos.

The five main areas of Investors in Pupils are:

  1. Classroom management
  2. Learning
  3. Behaviour
  4. Attendance
  5. Induction

The programme is very important for Hilderthorpe children as it helps them to know:

  • How they can contribute towards their own learning by increasing their involvement and working as a team.
  • The roles and responsibilities of everyone in school.
  • The importance of coming to school every day.
  • The cost of our equipment and how we spend our class budgets.
  • Who our Governors are and what they do.
  • What each member of staff does and how adults in school as well as the children are on a journey of life-long learning.
  • How to look after new children and staff in school.
  • The benefits of making good choices.
  • That they are an important part of their class and school.

What do we do at Hilderthorpe for IIP?



Class targets and rewards (classroom management and behaviour).

Pupils have improved at working together as a team to accomplish a target that they believe is important.
Class jobs (classroom management)

Pupils show more responsibility and respect for their individual classes and the school as a whole.

School Council (behaviour and induction)

Play a large part in representing the pupil voice and use it to make decisions for fellow pupils. Pupils now show visitors around school.

School bank (finance)

Pupils now value saving money for a purpose and they have an understanding of how much money their school needs to function.

Induction booklet (induction)

Gives new pupils an insight into Hilderthorpe School from a child's perspective.

One page profiles and aspirational targets (learning and classroom management)

Greater emphasis on looking at pupils as individuals and not just academically. There is a focus on pupils' long term goals.

Language of learning (learning)

Pupils are aware of the learning that extends beyond their own lessons. They have greater enthusiasm for learning for self-development.

Vision statement

Pupils decide on what is important for their class and work together to strive for positive attributes.


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