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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.


We are members of the School Council. We take part in making very important decisions and helping staff collect pupils' opinions.

As members of the School Council we know and understand that it is important to be dedicated and turn up to meetings. We have put ourselves forward and have been voted for by our class members.  


This year we have already taken part in lots of important tasks. 


  • We have shared pupils' views on our Marking and Feedback Policy and it has been adapted to match those views. 
  • We have taken part in creating Reading Areas for Key Stage 2. 
  • We have been trained to take important visitors around our school and give them a tour. 
  • We have filmed and interviewed staff. This is part of a Roles and Responsibilities assembly. 
  • We have represented our school in outside events. 
  • We have welcomed visitors into our school including Governors and foreign visitors from France. 



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